Alpine Untracked is a project born from our love for winter in the Idaho Mountains, photography and adventure.
Our goal is to share our experiences and hopefully highlight the rugged beauty of the Idaho backcountry.
It is hard to say where the process will take us but we hope you enjoy and find it informative. 


Being the Best Weakest Link

I have spent most of my ski mountaineering hours with my head down, trudging ahead to try and keep up with my ski partners. I’ve gotten used my own huffing and puffing being the [...]

  • Brett jumping

Ortovox Alpine Tour Peak Pack

Ski touring and ski mountaineering require carrying a fair amount of gear and necessary clothing for the winter elements. Having a comfortable and efficient pack will enhance your backcountry experience and can also be [...]


The beauty of the mountains can never be fully captured in one single image. We will do our best to share a sliver of this awe-inspiring scenery. Click below to visit our galleries.